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The paver you choose for the pool deck should have a special consideration and need to be sure to choose a color that will not absorb too much heat from the sun. A Smoother surface is easy to walk on, but make sure that it is sufficiently non-slip. Whether bringing life to an old pool or creating a whole new pool design experience for your home. We can create stunning pool designs that become the hub of activity for your family.

Add a Fire pit to your Backyard

Whether your backyard is small or large, there is much more for it to be better and make it more functional. Firepit can not only add warmth and light to your patio during the evenings, and is the perfect place to gather and enjoy great bonding moments with family, friends, and guests.   Visit  for more information


Ducon brings you the exclusive collection of pavers in coordinated colors that let the landscape professionals find different ideas for any designs. Our Landscape professionals can beautify and add definitions to a home interior & exterior, tree surrounds, driveways or walkways and much more. Add walkway feature around the backyard which guides your eye to the best features of your yard. By planning and designing some certain spots ideal for relaxation, we make sure that you have great moments with friends and [...]