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All About Hardscaping!

We all know about Landscaping which involves mowing, beautifying the outdoor area, planting natural trees as well as irrigation activities but How much do we know about hardscaping?

Hardscaping – As the name suggests, it is all about playing around with designs and placements of the right landscape structure. It majorly consists of elements such as pavers, pebbles, stones, slabs, wall cladding as well as floor decking. Basically, anything that involves hard materials that are incorporated into your landscaping. Hardscaping altogether compliments the outer beauty of your house.

Commonly used hardscaping materials include Pavers, Bricks, Stones, Pebbles, and Decking. Hardscape is not limited to the mentioned ones and can include elements such as water features like fountains, ponds, Outdoor Kitchens, and a large range of products including various decorative and practical structures like a sculpture in the landscape.

Benefits of Hardscape in the Landscape

Hardscaping is an important aspect of every landscaping project, as it offers definitions to the outdoor area. Hardscape elements can even define various areas like the driveway. The elements of hardscaping also guide your guests in walking the right path with beautiful pathways and walkways. A fine example is that of gravel or pebbles with slabs or pavers pathway that takes you to a grassy area into a backyard.

The Functional Benefits of Hardscaping

There are a number of ways hardscaping can be used to beautify your outdoor area. Here are some hardscape ideas and inspirations for your outdoor area:

Slabs and artificial grass to enhance a landscape

Paver patios to offer a more upscale look


Water fountain to create a focal point to the outdoor area


Flagstone patios for natural stone outdoor flooring


Stone retaining walkways to create planting areas


Slab patios or walkways to dress up your backyard

How to Fit Hardscaping Ideas into any Landscape Design

What can be better than having flowering plants and shrubs around the water features or slab walkways? It is one of the best ways to blend hardscape with softscape. When you have the right design, marrying hardscape and softscape is not a difficult task.

Hire Experts for Hardscaping

Hardscaping projects are difficult to carry out as it takes a lot of hard work and expertise. Not many know but hardscaping projects can be difficult because of drainage, rain, and even tree roots. This is one major reason why a lot of homeowners prefer getting the hardscaping project to be done during favorable climatic conditions majorly during winters or moderate summers.

When it comes to hardscaping nothing can beat the services and hardscaping designs offered by Ducon Outdoor Living. We are experts in this industry with several happy clients. The talented team of hardscape and landscape designers works towards creating a magnificent design and bring your outdoor design dreams into reality.

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