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Green Concrete: Application, Advantages & Disadvantages

PUBLISHED BY DUCON INDUSTRIES | JANUARY 24 2024 Twitter Facebook Instagram Green concrete is a new construction material that can reduce the dependency on cement, natural gas, and diesel. The resulting product is eco-friendly, environment friendly, and performs better than other conventional concrete mixtures. It is best known as a natural building material that promotes construction sustainability. Read on as we put forth the applications, advantages, and disadvantages of green concrete. Applications of Green Concrete Green concrete, also known as Eco-concrete, is a concrete that [...]

Complete Guide to Construction Aggregates

PUBLISHED BY DUCON INDUSTRIES | JANUARY 23, 2024 Twitter Facebook Instagram What is Construction Aggregate? Construction aggregate is a mixture of sand, gravel, and crushed stone used for construction projects. Construction aggregate is used in the construction industry to create concrete, asphalt, and other products. It’s an essential material for all types of construction projects. And is primarily used in the concrete industry to help create solid structures that resist earthquakes and other natural disasters. Construction aggregate is also used in pavement applications such as [...]

Concrete Paver Design Guide for Your Driveway

PUBLISHED BY DUCON INDUSTRIES | DECEMBER 15 2024 Twitter Facebook Instagram Concrete paving is a way to accentuate the look of your driveway. This can be done with brick-style patterns, stripes, or even arches. Consider the various patterns available when it comes time for you to select a concrete paver design guide for your driveway. Concrete Paver Design Guide Why is Concrete Paving Perfect for Driveways? Concrete paving is an extremely durable material that can be used on driveways and walkways. It is also a good [...]

Why Should You Hire the Best Commercial Landscaping Company in Dubai?

If you plan to make your commercial property more attractive and eye-catching, you should consider hiring the best commercial landscaping company in Dubai. Read on to learn more. 1. Landscaping Creates a Cooling Effect A landscaped area in your home or business can help keep the temperature down, especially during the summer. A well-designed and maintained garden with plants, trees, and other plants will allow the area to a have lower temperature than the surrounding. This can be especially beneficial for [...]

5 Sustainable Construction Materials That You Need to Know

PUBLISHED BY DUCON INDUSTRIES | NOVEMBER 21 2022 Twitter Facebook Instagram The current construction industry is facing a lot of issues regarding its environmental impact, health hazards, and costs. Sustainable construction materials can help minimize the environmental impact while keeping your tenants and the Earth safe. This article will look at five sustainable construction materials that you need to know about. What Are Sustainable Construction Materials? Sustainable construction materials are developed from natural resources, are environmentally friendly, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable construction materials [...]

Building Materials – Suppliers & Traders in Dubai

Growth of the Building & Construction Industry in Dubai Dubai is the hub for the construction industry in the Middle East, with nearly half of its total output being produced here. The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), one of the world’s biggest financial centers, has also turned this city into a major player in the construction sector. Several factors drive the rapid growth of Dubai’s building and construction sector. These include an increase in demand for new residential properties, commercial space, [...]

Landscaping Companies in Dubai

Criteria For Thinking Of The Perfect Landscape Company In Dubai

Hiring a landscaping company might seem like an easy task. After all, you have a budget, a yard, and people who could do the job. However, hiring the right landscaping company for your home or business can be confusing and frustrating. You don’t just want to hire someone who can get the job done quickly, but someone who will add value and help your property stand out with beautiful landscaping. There are plenty of landscaping contractors, and the one [...]