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Top ideas for outdoor landscaping and gardening

Before you surf through the plethora of landscaping companies in UAE, you must plan the way you want the landscape to be. Here are some of the best ways to enhance your landscaping design perfectly.

1. While choosing the bigger plants for landscaping, go for the species that can bear the scorching heat of UAE and provide exceptional shade.
2. Create a pavement for the garden using natural pavers like stone slabs, concrete aggregate, and more.
3. Instead of the steady light, use the deck light along the pavement to create a dramatic and serene look.
4. Go for artificial grass for the lawn to save money, reduce maintenance hassles, and brighten up the area.
5. Include a waterfall or a fountain with natural substances like pebbles, stone slabs, etc., or a bird feeder at the same place to attract the avian species.

One of the most crucial components of outdoor landscaping is lighting. If you do not use the proper lighting, the entire décor will be impacted. Owing to this, we have shared some of the best lighting options that you can discuss with the landscaping companies in Dubai.

1. Step lights: These will be installed on the steps to create a subtle glow while giving you visibility of the stairs so that you don’t miss your steps.
2. Deck lights: These are cylindrical and usually installed at the side of the pavements through the landscape. They will create a surrounding illumination.
3. Major jar light: Create two pillars and hang a rope in between. From the rope hang mason jars with LED lights inside. It will create a wonderful and magical look in the landscape.

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