Difference between Normal Tiles and Concrete Pavers

Difference between Normal Tiles and Concrete Pavers

Are you looking for some help selecting between standard tiles and concrete pavers? Then you have come to the right place. This article will inform you of the differences between these two materials. When it comes to laying a new, durable surface for the house, many products are available. Two of the most popular ones are tiles and concrete pavers. While these two options have several differences, there’s a lot you’ll be able to take advantage of by using either one. Here are some factors you can consider when deciding between the two.

1. Low Maintenance

Concrete pavers are low maintenance and will look great for the life of your driveway. They can be power washed to remove any dirt or grime and resealed to restore their appearance. The joints between each paver can be filled with sand, which helps keep them in place. Over time, the sand will wash out of the joints due to rain and other weather conditions. To maintain their appearance, you need to sweep new sand into the joints every few years.

Low Maintenance

2. Long-Lasting

One of the most significant differences between pavers and standard tiles is that pavers are long-lasting. This is because pavers are made from concrete created by mixing cement and aggregates, such as crushed stones or sand. This makes the pavers extremely durable since they cannot be easily broken like regular tiles.

Long Lasting

3. Fire Resistant

Concrete pavers are fire-resistant, as opposed to natural stone tiles, which are not. If you live in a region susceptible to wildfires or brush fires, concrete pavers can protect your home from catching on fire if the fire reaches your house. Concrete pavers are less likely to be damaged by saltwater or saltwater splash than other materials. If you live near a beach or in an area that uses salt on its roads during the winter, consider these pavers for your home.

4. Versatile

Concrete pavers are one of the most durable and versatile materials for landscaping. These pavers are made from cement, water, gravel, sand, and other aggregates. They can be used in various applications ranging from driveways to walkways to patios. Concrete pavers come in many different shapes and sizes as well as colors. Concrete tiles have been used for more than a century for both residential and commercial applications.


5. Quick and Easy Installation

Concrete paver installation has become very popular among many homeowners because they are easy to install and maintain. Before you start with the installation process of these pavers, it is essential to know about all the necessary tools required for this job. The most important tool needed for this job is the plate compactor used to compact sand or gravel before installing these pavers on the ground. A plate compactor helps in smoothing out any bumps or irregularities on the surface before starting the installation process.


Concrete pavers are the latest trend in paving and are becoming more popular. Pavers can be customized according to color, texture, depth, and size. Concrete pavers impart a striking appearance to the outdoor area and make it look elegant and expensive. In addition to creating a stunning impression, concrete pavers also prove their worth in functionality as they are low-maintenance products that do not crack or deteriorate quickly. At Ducon Industries — a trusted concrete paver supplier in Dubai, UAE —we manufacture different sizes and shapes of concrete pavers with many patterns and textures.

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