Is Interlocking Brick Good for Construction?

Is Interlocking Brick Good for Construction?

It’s challenging to determine which type of pavers is best for construction because several variables exist. Pavers come in various sizes and properties, which affects how they are used in any project. However, Interlocking Pavers made to be used in construction typically have high compression strength and low water absorption rates.

Another important consideration is the design of the Pavers. Some Pavers have a stretchable exterior that allows them to be interlocked, making it possible to use fewer pieces and build more stable structures.

Here, we enlist the top benefits of interlocking bricks and explore how they can be used for construction:

1. Self-Stabilizing: The interlocking design of these bricks makes them sturdy and self-stabilizing. It also helps reduce the number of bricks you need to use when constructing a wall or building. Thanks to this, using interlocking brick in construction is cost-saving and eco-friendly.

2. Durable: Interlocking brick is manufactured using unique rubberized materials that make it highly durable. It can also withstand high temperatures and fire, making it perfect for construction sites exposed to extreme weather conditions. This brick construction is beneficial for building courtyards, footpaths, retaining walls, or fire pits.

3. Less Mortar: These bricks don’t require as much mortar as other types of brick as the interlocking design ensures that they are tightly bound together. This makes them highly durable and resistant to harsh weather.

4. Stable Walls: The interlocking design makes it possible to build stable walls with less mortar. This makes construction quick and easy, reducing the time needed to complete a project.

5. Less Cost: As these bricks require less mortar, fewer bricks are necessary to build a stable structure, which means fewer bricks must be purchased for the project. Moreover, as construction becomes more accessible and faster with interlocking brick, you will also save on labor costs.




6. Low Maintenance: Interlocking bricks do not get stained quickly, and mold does not grow on them due to their rubberized exterior. This makes the bricks resistant to the effects of rain, heat, and other environmental factors, making them a long-lasting construction material.


7. No Cracks: These bricks are less susceptible to cracking, making them the ideal choice for exterior walls.

8. More Durable: These bricks have a rubberized exterior that makes them more durable and water-resistant. This is especially true for interlocking brick with a built-in membrane on its outer surface. This type of brick construction does not require maintenance during the initial construction phase.

9. Inexpensive: Bricks for construction are typically inexpensive, but these are even more economical.

10. Load-Bearing Capacity: These bricks have high load-bearing capacities, making them ideal for construction.

11. Customizable: You can customize these bricks as they come in different colors and shapes to suit your needs. This makes them perfect for construction projects.

12. Extended life: Interlocking bricks don’t weaken over time, which means that the structure you build will stay sturdy for a long time.

These are the unparalleled 12 benefits of interlocking brick, and we hope this information will be enough to help you decide whether you should use it for your construction project!

Final Thoughts


As you can see, there are many benefits to using interlocking bricks in construction. If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting building material, then look no further than the interlocking brick. Ducon is one of the leading interlock suppliers in Dubai, so be sure to contact us today if you’re interested in using this innovative material in your next construction project.

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