4 Best Practices To Improve Your Building Material Selection

When you have a project to design, you will have to choose the best building material for your project. You will find that there are so many materials available in the market today, and it can be pretty challenging to select the best one. Some people go with their gut feeling and go with what they know, but this is not always the right thing to do. You can follow some steps that will help you choose the best building [...]

Difference between Normal Tiles and Concrete Pavers

Are you looking for some help selecting between standard tiles and concrete pavers? Then you have come to the right place. This article will inform you of the differences between these two materials. When it comes to laying a new, durable surface for the house, many products are available. Two of the most popular ones are tiles and concrete pavers. While these two options have several differences, there’s a lot you’ll be able to take advantage of by using [...]

Designer Pavers

5 Benefits of Installing High-Quality Designer Pavers

Buy Online You are probably wondering what designer pavers are right?Don’t worry,will tell you. They’re the best type of paving stones you can use for your outdoor areas. These days are the best way to make an impression is by installing designer pavers around the surroundings of your outdoor. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics because they do so much more than the look. Pavers also have practical uses. Let’s look at five of the main benefits of installing [...]

Dubai Municipality visits Ducon Industries’ C&D Recycling Facility

Dr. Mohammad Al Farhan Ph.D. – The CEO of Ducon Industries welcomed a delegation of Dubai Municipality headed by HE Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, at Ducon Industries – C&D Recycling plant at Jebel Ali. The visit aimed to discuss the opportunities of the joint cooperation between Dubai Municipality and Ducon Industries to provide green concrete building solutions and enhance sustainable construction initiatives, ensuring quality and performance excellence.  During the visit, the delegation took a tour of the [...]

Is Interlocking Brick Good for Construction?

It’s challenging to determine which type of pavers is best for construction because several variables exist. Pavers come in various sizes and properties, which affects how they are used in any project. However, Interlocking Pavers made to be used in construction typically have high compression strength and low water absorption rates. Another important consideration is the design of the Pavers. Some Pavers have a stretchable exterior that allows them to be interlocked, making it possible to use fewer pieces and [...]

Top Benefits of Using Concrete Blocks in Commercial Buildings

Buy Blocks Online Concrete blocks are gaining more traction by the day. And when you consider its cost and versatility, you’ll start to see why it’s becoming an increasingly common material in commercial buildings. Concrete is one of the most used materials for construction and building, and it’s also an excellent choice for building a sustainable commercial building. And here are the reasons why: Concrete Blocks Are Inexpensive Commercial Buildings The cost of concrete blocks versus a whole spectrum of commercial buildings is [...]

signature collection

Signature Collection – The Newest Patio Design Collection.

“Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.” – Robert H. Schuller Are you as eager as we’re to have cutting-edge design solutions that make superior Outdoor Living environments? Are you someone who cannot find satisfaction in boring, plain, common Patio Ideas which have nothing more beyond little imagination? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you’ll be interested to know there’s one big thing to smile about – the newly launched Signature Collection of outstanding Patio Area Designs by DUCON Outdoor [...]