Signature Collection – The Newest Patio Design Collection.

signature collection

Signature Collection – The Newest Patio Design Collection.

“Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.”

– Robert H. Schuller

Are you as eager as we’re to have cutting-edge design solutions that make superior Outdoor Living environments? Are you someone who cannot find satisfaction in boring, plain, common Patio Ideas which have nothing more beyond little imagination?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you’ll be interested to know there’s one big thing to smile about – the newly launched Signature Collection of outstanding Patio Area Designs by DUCON Outdoor Living. The Collection is simply light years ahead of many design alternatives currently available in the market. Without much ado, why don’t we delve deeper together as we answer 5 of the most burning questions about the trendy Signature Collection.

What’s the Signature Collection?

The Signature Collection is a range of 20 breathtaking Patio Designs which are ready to install at your home or property. These 20 different Outdoor Living designs come as a combo inclusive of a Pergola, an Outdoor Sofa or Garden Bench, Landscape Lights, Concrete Pavers, a Table(s) or Firepit, and Planter Pots. Interestingly, some options even have a BBQ Area to complement your Outdoor Living Activities.

What’s Cool about the Signature Collection?

Besides the remarkable difference you’ll get, the Signature Collection has a lot of cool attributes that are peculiar to each design:

  • Multiple options give you the freedom to choose which Patio Area design suits you best
  • Each Signature design is a Patio Area combo carefully put in place by highly skilled professionals
  • Virtually everything about the Signature Collection is done under one roof. There’ll be significant time and cost savings as the Manufacturing, Designing, Supply, and Installation is done in-house.
  • It’s a one-of-a-kind Outdoor Living collection in which all you’ve to do is choose and install.

There’ll be no need to worry about the possibility of choosing poorly blending design elements.

Who will install my Signature Design?

You shouldn’t look far and wide for an Installer. As mentioned earlier, everything about the individual designs that are part of the Signature Collection is done in-house. Therefore, all you need to do is pick on any of the 20 Signature Designs currently available and leave us to do the rest!

Why get a Signature Design?

To complement the cool features that we’ve already shared about the Signature Collection, there are a dozen reasons why you should get one for your home or property. We’ll just share some interesting ones:

  • Each Signature Design has a high-quality Pergola that’ll make a huge impression for your Patio Area
  • Each design is created with family moments in mind. Being spacious, it’ll be a focal point to meet and relax with your family and friends.
  • The LED lighting used is durable and waterproof, this will spare you the trouble of frequent maintenance.
  • You’ll be spoilt for choice and you can opt for a Firepit, BBQ, or Table in your design.
  • The Concrete Furniture used in the Signature Collection is as sturdy as it is beautiful.
  • The Signature Collection has sustainable Patio Designs whose Softscapes add liveliness to your Outdoor Living Area.

What do I need to do to get a Signature Design?

By now you should be having an idea about the Signature Collection, and we’re always readily available in the event you require more details about this unique collection that’s new in the market. Simply call, email, or visit our Showroom, and we’ll readily assist you to choose the ultimate Patio Area design for your home or property.

Check our Signature Collection below:

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