Ducon Industries is the leading building materials supplier in Dubai. With years of experience in supplying reliable building materials, you can get a variety of choices. Since construction materials are the foundation of a building, you must invest in trusted solutions for your project. Our decades of expertise have allowed us to supply materials at competitive prices. Thus, you will not only get unparalleled quality materials, but you will also be able to complete the project within your budget. You will have access to everything from construction materials to coatings for your building interior.

At Ducon, we believe in quality and efficiency. Over the years, we have grown as one of the leading building materials suppliers in the UAE. We have invested resources in perfecting our services, and we now offer the most premium quality products. We have added a range of materials to our catalog, and you will find every building material in our collection. All the products we offer are carefully chosen and tested on several parameters to ensure their strength and durability. Our experienced team tests every batch and ensures that our customers get the most superior products.

Since the world has evolved and is now switching to more sustainable solutions, at Ducon, we take pride in delivering environment-friendly building materials. You can find a range of traditional and sustainable solutions in our product range. As the leading Building Materials Company in Dubai, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly materials. Our sustainable solutions are produced using recycled material and offer the same level of strength and durability to your construction project. Our dedication and passion for meeting your requirements make us a trusted solution in the market. At Ducon, you can find a range of building materials, and some of the most popular ones include:

Building materials


Wood has been used for a thousand years and is the backbone of many structures. Even after the introduction of more synthetic products, wood is still among the most popular choices for building construction. At Ducon, we supply the highest grade of timber. We use sustainable forestry and allow you to lower your carbon footprint without compromising on the integrity of your structure. You can also browse a range of engineered wood products with both moisture and fire-resistant properties. The study material we offer is perfect for your construction projects and is considered an ideal alternative to traditional wood.


Concrete is produced using a combination of sand, stone, water, and other material. This is one of the most used materials during construction. At Ducon, you can get not only traditional concrete but also green concrete. Our solutions will help you reduce your adverse effects on the environment and produce recycled material. Our traditional concrete and green concrete provide maximum durability and support any architectural design. As the leading building materials supplier in Dubai, we offer low-maintenance materials. The concrete we offer is energy efficient and is among the most trusted materials to construct buildings.


At Ducon, we offer a range of masonry materials. You can find every option on our website, from concrete and clay clocks to stone blocks. Our blocks provide better protection against fire and can withstand wet conditions and pests. Since our material is a sturdy and attractive option to construct a structure, you can build anything from load-bearing walls to roof using our blocks. Our masonry blocks are produced using the best technology and provide weather resistance. This means you will never feel the impact of extreme weather inside the building. The experienced team at Ducon inspect every batch of block and ensure they are constructed with absolute precision and accuracy.

Ducon Industries is among the most trusted building materials suppliers in the UAE. Our range of options and high-quality materials have helped us establish a name in the industry. Our material can help you bring your vision to life and construct your dream building. Browse our extensive range of products from our website, or you can get in touch with our expert team at info@duconind.com.