Ducon Green is the leading manufacturer and supplier of construction aggregate materials in Dubai, UAE. The company, which is a subsidiary of Ducon Industries, produces a wide range of construction aggregates to meet the demands of the construction industry in the region.

Aggregates are the fundamental material used in construction and provide the foundation for roads, bridges and buildings. Up to 90% of asphalt pavement and 80% of a concrete mix can consist of aggregates.

Construction Aggregate refers to any particulate material. It includes different types of materials including crushed stone, gravel, slag, sand, recycled concrete and geo-synthetic aggregates. Aggregates can be of various types - natural, manufactured or recycled. They provide compressive strength and bulk to concrete and makeup anywhere between 60 -80% of the concrete mix.

When used in concrete, aggregates are selected based on characteristics of their durability, strength, workability and their ability to receive finishes. Aggregates are required to be clean, hard and strong particles. They should also be free of chemicals, clay coatings and other fine materials that adversely impact the quality of the concrete.

There are two main types of Aggregates:

  • coarse (particulates that are greater than 4.75 millimetres)

  • fine (sand or crushed stone that is less than 9.55 millimetres in diameter)

Construction aggregate
Construction aggregate

The normal range used is between 9.5 mm and 37.5 mm in diameter.

Recycled concrete is made by breaking, removing, and crushing existing concrete to a specific size that is preferred by the user. It is usually used as a base layer for other construction materials.

Recycled concrete can be used in new concrete, especially coarse aggregate. When used as an aggregate, recycled concrete will have higher absorption and lower specific gravity vis-a-vis natural aggregate. It also produces concrete with better drying shrinkage and creeps. These differences become exponential as the amount of recycled fine aggregates used increases.

Aggregates can be used in several ways in the construction industry. When roads and railway ballast are being constructed, aggregates are used to resist the overall load (static and dynamic) to distribute the load effectively to the supporting ground and to drain the water off the surface. In concrete, the aggregate is used to control shrinkage, cracks and strengthen the structure.

The applications of Construction aggregates are varied and include:

  • as a load-bearing material

  • as a filling material

  • as an infiltrating material

  • Concrete Production

  • Structural Backfill

  • Construction Industry

  • Pavement Concrete Construction (PCC)

  • Road Constructions

Ducon Green's broad range of aggregates is well-known for its consistency and quality. We produce two main types of Construction Aggregates:

Recycled Aggregate 0-3mm

This is a fine aggregate produced through a multi-stage cleaning and cleansing process. 0-3 mm Recycled Aggregate is completely recycled. It is suited for use as raw material and applied as a mix with the coarse structure to complete the grading. Its cementitious residual base allows for better bonding and final grading.

It is recommended that this aggregate be mixed with a variety of materials including Black Sand and Roadbase.

Recycled Aggregate 0-7mm

Also, a fine aggregate produced via a multi-stage cleaning and cleansing process, 0-7 mm Recycled Aggregate is also completely recycled and has similar properties and applications to the one mentioned above except for the dimensions. Its use depends on the initial grading of the recipient material.

If you are looking for a construction aggregate material supplier in Dubai, UAE, you can visit our website at www.ducongreen.com or contact us at +971 4 880 6996/ info@duconind.com.