Ducon Industries is among the top most leading landscaping companies in Dubai. We specialize in concrete pavers work and landscape design services to installation and maintenance. Our company has years of experience and offers reliable services to our customers.

Since landscape creation is an artistic work, we house a team of the most creative artists who can help bring your vision to life. Their keen artistic approach and attention to detail will ensure all your requirements are met and you get the landscape of your dreams. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and this is why the process begins with a meeting where we understand your needs and visions.

Our qualified team will meet you and create a design that matches your dream landscape. All your requirements and preferences will be considered, and our artists will suggest the ideal methods to implement them. Our creative team also has tons of artistic ideas for the customers who are open to suggestions. You will get a unique approach and all the resources you need to create your perfect landscape design with us. We have constructed several landscapes over the years, and our expertise and experience make us one of the most reliable landscaping companies in the UAE. When you partner with us, you will get the following benefits:

Unique and Creative Approach

Landscape design is challenging. Simply looking at pictures and getting inspired will not work. You need to strike the perfect balance between creativity and practicality to bring your idea to life. This is what you will get from our highly experienced team. Our team will listen to your requirements and ideas and understand them. They will work on ways to ground your vision and suggest methods to implement them in reality.

Our team will use the best construction materials and methods to design your dream landscape. We work closely with developers and communicate the designs with them. With our experts overseeing the process, you will get the landscape you imagined. Our design and construction partners are very reliable, and they can support every design you can think of. The availability of resources and support of the best construction partners makes us one of the leading landscaping companies in the UAE.

Personalized Service

We understand that every client is different, and so are their needs. This is why our team offers personalized services to each client. No matter what you need, our team will be here to support you. At Ducon, we can support clients with their hearts set on a fixed design. However, our creative team is also equipped to help clients with a black canvas. We have a dedicated support team for all our clients. Thus, you will always have access to the Ansa7k Service and a manager who can advise you on your project from A to Z. You will also receive timely updates about your project and a qualified leader who will oversee that everything is up to the mark.


Excellence doesn't always have to be expensive. At Ducon, we strive to give you the best service within your budget. Our exceptional, cost-effective services have earned us a place among the top landscaping companies in Dubai. We can help you bring your vision to life without burning a hole in your pocket with our resources. All of the services we offer are priced competitively, and you can enlist our services depending on your budget. Our dedicated team will assess all your needs and suggest the best route within your price range. Our efforts and services are designed to provide maximum satisfaction without charging any extra penny. At Ducon, we also provide Fazaa discounts for all Fazaa Card holders in the UAE.

Exceptional Maintenance and Support

Our services do not end after landscape design of the garden of our dreams. At Ducon, we believe in long-term relationships, and we hope to add every client to our family. Thus, you will not only get personalized services when you are designing a landscape, but you will also get exceptional support and maintenance. We understand how time-consuming it can be to keep your garden up to date. This is why we offer a range of maintenance services. You can choose any option, and our qualified team will service your garden to make it prime and proper. Since we are among the best landscaping companies in UAE, our team will offer precision and quality during all phases of your project. Thus, you will not only get the best services while designing but with maintenance as well.

Ducon Industries is synonymous with quality and reliability. Clients have trusted us for years, and our team has shaped several gardens. Our unique vision and keen artistic eye have made us one of Dubai's most trusted landscaping companies. Our team can give you the perfect garden. Simply get in touch with our expert team and discuss your requirements at +971 4 8235829.