DUCON Helping to bring the world together

For us sponsorship is more than to just relate venture for maintaining and getting along with our business. We believe to get involve in socializing with more diverse communities. It offers an opportunity to connect with people from different culture having different point of view. That's why our sponsorship focus on developing key relationships, building loyalty, nurturing youth and embracing totally different cultures.

Faisal Al Zaabi From X-Unit Racing Team

Ducon Industries is the sponsor of Faisal Al Zaabi from X-Unit racing team. Our brand will as their decal on the Nissan Silvia S14 Powered by LS2 Twin Turbo V8.

He Have been competing in the drifting league since 2006. In 2007 subscribed to UMQ Motorplex drift Championship and got the 3rd place in the first champion in a specific route.

World’s Strongest Man, “ Popey ” from Hungary

Ducon Industries Pleasure to sponsor Zsolt Sinka (Popey), a Hungarian guy who has couple of Guinness World Records. As DUCON always appreciates talent, and this man’s skills are something amazing . His capabilities are similar to our product that he got amazing strength like our blocks have.

We are one of those few companies in the World who always support socialization. We prefer social activities although those are not related to our core business. We as DUCON Industries are very excited to sponsor this kind of talent, and to get a chance to be a part of achieving a new Guinness World Records title is an absolute amazing experience!”

Esperia Volley, Women’s Volleyball Team, UAE

DUCON is proud to be the major sponsor of the Women’s Volleyball Team, Esperia Volley. They are a rising Volleyball team in the UAE with remarkable players who possess amazing skills at the Games.

Esperia Volleyball Club mission is to gather and empower volleyball athletes in Dubai to develop their leadership, sportsmanship and athletic performance. They participated in the Women's Volleyball Tournament held at Al Mizhar Sports Club and won Gold medal which was held on January, 2017.