Concrete is made by mixing cement, gravel, water, sand, and a range of other building materials. This mix is produced in tons and is among the most consumed substances globally. Since no building is developed without concrete, it has a massive impact on our environment. With greener products becoming more common, the demand for green concrete materials in UAE has also increased. This sustainable solution emits fewer greenhouse gases without compromising the integrity of a structure.

Current climatic conditions have encouraged more and more developers to adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for construction. Everything from bricks, walls to concrete is being produced using sustainable material. Ducon Industries is among the most trusted suppliers and manufacturers of green construction materials. We offer a range of environment-friendly products to choose from. Our collection of products can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. Years of experience and services have made us among the most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of green concrete materials in Dubai, UAE. Some of the top sustainable solutions we offer include:

Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregates meets the international standards and physical properties of traditional aggregate. Previously the waste construction material was discarded, but now it is used to manufacture green concrete materials in the UAE. It is a perfect alternative to traditional material and contains less dust. Since this material uses recycled aggregates, it will help you reduce your impact on the environment.

Our sustainable materials offer increased resilience, energy savings, and environmental benefits. With all the above options, you can manage your impact on the environment without compromising structural integrity. Although not all the green options can replace traditional concrete, mixing just a small amount of sustainable materials will reduce the ill impact of concrete production. Some significant benefits of using green solutions include:

  • Buildings and structures with longer lives. The pavements and other units have a service life of an average of 30 to 50 years

  • Sustainable concrete materials in Dubai, UAE, use minimum materials and resources. Thus, they have low life cycle costs.

  • Green concrete is not prone to rust, rot, or burn. This means your buildings will have enhanced safety and resilience, and the structure will be less susceptible to damage.

Sustainable concrete
Sustainable concrete

Green Concrete

This is a type of eco-friendly concrete. Unlike traditional concrete, it is produced using industrial waste and recycled aggregates. Since it is made of construction waste materials, green concrete requires less energy to produce. Compared to traditional solutions, the green one produces far less carbon dioxide and is also a cheaper and more durable alternative. Using our green concrete will allow you to reduce the burden on natural resources.

We offer the best green concrete materials in Dubai, UAE. Our materials provide a range of benefits, including reduced bleeding, increased strength, less shrinkage, and so much more. With ash concrete, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but adding it to traditional concrete will make it resistant to alkali-silica reactivity. Thus, giving you a more durable and steadfast structure.

Since you are using recyclable material, you will also be playing an essential part in managing the planet's waste. When producing sustainable concrete materials, we reuse wash water to reduce our water consumption. This allows us to reduce carbon emissions and ensures that natural resources are not wasted during production. Green concrete is among the best alternatives to traditional solutions. It offers the same properties, and the construction workers don't need to take any special measures during the construction process.

Ducon Industries is a household name in the industry. Our selection of green concrete materials in the UAE is diverse and offers a range of benefits to customers. With us, you can find a wide range of sustainable products and choose the best ones according to your needs. Our products are the perfect alternative to traditional concrete and can support any building. Browse from our wide collection of eco-friendly products or contact our expert team at