5 Landscape & Outdoor Living Trends for 2023!

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5 Landscape & Outdoor Living Trends for 2023!

Let’s make this New Year Count!

Landscaping is an art. Experts in landscaping are always a way ahead. They are aware that the landscaping trends change and so does the preferences of homeowners. So, it is vital to deliver just what they believe to be the ‘next biggest or new thing’ in this ever-changing landscaping world.

Here are the big landscaping trends for 2020 that are worth a closer look.

Covered Pergola


Pergolas have always been a major highlight of the outdoor area. Pergolas offer a highlighted space in your backyard, the needed shade from the natural elements like rain and sun, and a beautiful structure for hanging your beloved plants. In short, pergolas bring out a personality to the outdoor living area. Covered pergolas will be a hit and ensure you have them in your backyard. Duconodl is home to several covered pergolas from Wooden Pergola Meranti wood, Wisteria Pergola to Retractable Aluminium Pergola, Ontario Retractable Pergola and much more. Visit our website to get inspiration for your next outdoor Pergola project.

Light it Up!


Outdoor lighting has always been a part of beautifying the outdoor area, but as homeowners have started to upgrade the yards, outdoor lighting has become one of major features of the landscape. Sleek and Linear lighting adds the needed elegance to the outdoor area. In 2020, Light fixtures will be all about highlighting the architectural features of the outdoor area. There are also bollard lights that illuminate the path of the garden or front yard.


Outdoor barbeque

Your outdoor area is incomplete without a barbecue. Barbecue offers a fresh look and feel. They transform the mundane outdoor area into an exciting one. And, it can be a hottest spot for neighborhood and friends gathering too. Invite them over whilst you show off your cooking skills. Duconodl offers a large and amazing selection of BBQ & Outdoor Kitchen designs from Kamado Grill, BBQ Grill, Al Fresco and so on.

Sculpt it!

Eagle sculpture

Highlight the features of your backyard with a beautiful sculpture. It offers a sophisticated look and statement. From wooden, marble to concrete, you have several options to choose from. A sculpture in the backyard reflects your inner self, the piece is your choice. Homeowners believe a well-designed garden with art components like a sculpture or even a painting helps bring them inner peace and joy.

Paint it Orange!

Eranthemum Small

Enliven your outdoor area with bright and colorful plants. The popularity of orange plants will continue to dominate the year 2020. Consider either Tecoma Smithii, or Caesalpnia Pulcherrima to beautify and enliven the outdoor area of your dreams.

So which landscaping trend did you like the best? Let us know in the comments. Let our expert team transform your dream into a reality. If you are all set and ready to create an outdoor area of your dreams, then Duconodl is here to make it happen.

Visit Ducon Outdoor Living Showroom to experience the endless possibilities of designing your outdoor area with outstanding design ideas and inspirations. For more information call us on our Toll Free – 800635 or ring us on Call/WhatsApp – +971 4 8235829.


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