DUCON Family

DUCON Industries capitalizes on a vast resource of industrial knowledge, practical experience and a reputation backed by the contribution of the founder’s family to the region’s engineering and manufacturing industry since 1938, and locally to the Arabian Gulf, since 1969.

Today, DUCON Industries provides the quality that sets the standard for its competitors and the industry. Innovation is the cornerstone of this company as it constantly strives for excellence in every project it undertakes.

DUCON Industries opens up a world of design applications with its remarkable collection of pavers and designs that are suitable to almost every architectural style and geographic locale. The firm’s business principle is driven not only by state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing but it also focuses on building relationships both with employees and its partners for the long-term success of all its stakeholders.

DUCON Industries empowers homeowners with incredible design options, styles, and colors. Every DUCON Industries product you buy encapsulates the trust and security provided by a proven, established a national brand, as it is backed by the strength of its 40 years of expertise and experience in the industry.

We are not just a company, we are DUCON Family.

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