Experience the power of BIM with Virtual Reality

bim and virtual reality

Experience the power of BIM with Virtual Reality

At Ducon Outdoor Living, we provide complete turnkey landscape and outdoor living from Backyard to Front yard, from Firepit to Outdoor Barbeque, from Commercial to Residential and Luxury Villas across United Arab Emirates. Our ability to transform your idea into reality is one of our defining traits and with our combined and extensive local experience, we deliver high-end residential and commercial landscape and outdoor living.

From concept to design to installation, we strive to raise the industry standards and quality of our work to meet our customers satisfaction. Till now we’ve transformed and completed 50+ outdoor living and landscape projects across UAE which includes commercial as well as residential.

What We Do?

We live in an age of Digitization and Automation. Every business process is digitized, and every decision is data driven. Traditionally reluctant to embrace technological change, the construction industry has begun a digital transformation. Ducon Outdoor Living is always the quickest for innovation and adoption of new technologies that can enhance productivity and improve the quality of customer experience. Our professional Landscape design team can deliver quality design in the least possible time adding value to the client’s time. We are the only company in the United Arab Emirates that have the capability to provide designs instantly. You can ask for a design during your site visit or you can catch our Mobile Showroom on the road show for a design.

Understanding BIM and How We Are Using It?

In the construction industry, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process of generating, storing, managing and exchanging building informations that enable project stakeholders to create information-rich virtual models to help better visualize and enhance building projects. Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry are embracing BIM as a tool that can assist in integrating the fragmented industry by eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies, improving collaboration and communication, and enhancing overall productivity. Using BIM, we design products and complete landscaping for residential and commercial projects adding value to the clients’ time and improving the quality and efficiency in our project designs.

Integration of BIM with Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) technology leads to an enhanced experience and better communication based on greater design visualization, contributing to a better understanding of the project. Today, VR is a recurrent item in the BIM projects, and now clients can view a VR model of a building plan that can be anything from a tunnel, a hotel or a luxury villa.

We have integrated VR that enables our customers to fully immerse himself in a Real Human Scale with a Walkthrough of the 3D/BIM model which can be manipulated, providing an immersive accurate sense of presence in a space that is yet to be built, making it easier for clients to visualize the designs.  By doing this, our clients get the actual Virtual experience of their own space and can even suggest changes to the designs on a real-time basis. It’s one of our keep factors to enhance the overall experience of our clients and improve the quality of our projects.

Outdoor Living Showroom

Visit Ducon Outdoor Living Showroom in Nadd Al Hamar, Dubai to explore the ground display of our products and experience the power of our designing capability LIVE.

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