The National Newspaper’s Report on DUCON Ind

The vision of the Future in UAE Construction. Dubai-based DUCON Industries’ Mohammed Al Farhan may have lost his ability to haggle during his extended stint in the United Kingdom, but he took a lot away from his experience of living in the country. And for someone whose doctorate was in block factory management, this inevitably brought him into contact with British builders’ merchants – distributors of common lines of building materials including blocks, paving, sand and cement, sold either directly to building companies or to individual tradesmen. 

Although there clearly are already successful builders’ merchants in the region (Rizwan Sajan’s Danube Group being among the most high-profile examples), Mr. Al Farhan thinks there is room for more, with many contractors still dealing directly with individual manufacturers. “I think builders’ merchants are something that has to come into this market.”

“Many of the things we learned in the UK, we come back here and we don’t find it. So we say, ‘OK, the market is moving in this direction.’ It’s like looking into the future.

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